26 December 2011

Boxing Day celebrity crush: Joss Stone

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The huge music listing here might not be comprehensive, but it does include everything that had made its way to her Wikipedia entry (and related discography entry) and IMDB profile when I wrote the early draft of this way back in August before my return to school. (A spot-check today didn't turn up any new additions.) This British songbird had already amassed quite an impressive musical canon for just seven years at that point, enough so that coding the sales items for this entry has taken so long I'm going to save the third Boxing Day entry for another day.

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Name: Joss Stone (images | Web site | Twitter)
Hometown: The English city of Dover, according to her Wikipedia profile.
Best Known For: Joss emerged on the music scene as a teenager whose voice belied her young age. She's a soul singer often seen with a nose ring and barefoot on stage, quite often dressed in a hippie-chic style.

Besides her soul work, Joss is a much-sought-after duet partner, having worked with Angelique Kidjo, Santana, Ricky Martin, Ringo Starr, Tower of Power, and Raphael Saadiq, to name just a few. And this year, she joined with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, and others in the supergroup SuperHeavy; she'd appeared very early in her career on that duo's soundtrack album for the film Alfie, and she's collaborated with Stewart more than once in the interim, so the combination isn't as unusual as Ye Olde Podcaster had first thought.
Humble Beginnings: Her debut album The Soul Sessions made her the youngest female singer to land a No. 1 album on the U.K. music charts. It ain't about being humble here.

(Only music videos from age 18 and up are listed below; but in terms of album sales, the entire span of her work is represented.)

Looking a wee bit like actress Julia Stiles here.
She's branched into acting in recent years, playing Anne of Cleaves on Showtime's The Tudors and appearing in the film Eragon and a short called The Funeral Planner. She also guest-starred as a folk singer on fellow celebrity crush Brittany Snow's retro TV series American Dreams.
Obligatory Edgy Stuff: Not her fault at all, but a couple of (alleged) freaks were arrested this summer in England on charges they intended to kidnap and possibly kill her.

On a more fun note, she appeared nude in the late magazine Jane, offering a quote that she "wasn't into wearing clothes" when she was at home. (That magazine featured tasteful, non-explicit nudes of a lot of people who have never posed nude otherwise -- Kristen Bell, former West Wing co-star Janel Maloney, and a lot of others over the years.)
Less hippie, still chic.
Why Ye Olde Podcaster Likes Her: The voice caught me before I ever saw her or even knew her name; her covers of the White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl" (re-recorded as "Fell in Love with a Boy") and Sugar Billy's "Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' on Me?) Part 1" were getting radio play at the time, and I was quite fortunate to not send back a music club "selection of the month" card and end up getting the album in the mail.

All the rest -- her hippie-chic persona, her astonishing beauty -- were things I picked up on later. I wouldn't list a singer in the celebrity crush roster if I didn't like her voice or her music; I was reared on soul (Motown and to a lesser extent Stax, to be specific), and even as she's branched into collaborating with musicians from other genres and experimented with the sound of her solo works, Joss Stone continues to impress.
Selected TV and Web Series Credits: The Tudors, season 4 (Amazon | iTunes) * The Tudors, season 3 (Amazon | iTunes) * American Dreams, season 3: "Starting Over" (Amazon | iTunes)
Selected Film and TV-movie Credits: The Funeral Planner (2010 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * The People Speak UK (2010 documentary) (Amazon | iTunes) * Cirque de Soleil's Poetic Social Mission (2009) (Amazon | iTunes) * Soundtrack for a Revolution (2009 documentary) (Amazon | iTunes) * Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's (2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * Snappers (2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * Frosted Pink (2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * Concert for Diana (2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * Eragon (Amazon | iTunes) * Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (2006 documentary) (Amazon | iTunes) * Live 8 (2005) (Amazon | iTunes)
Joss' voice acting credits include MI6 agent
Nicole Hunter in the video game
James Bond 007: Blood Stone. She also
contributed a song to the game's soundtrack.
Voice Work: James Bond 007: Blood Stone (2010 video game) (Amazon) * American Dad!, season 5: "Stan's Night Out" (Amazon | iTunes)
Selected Music Videos (as Adult): "Miracle Worker" (SuperHeavy) (iTunes) * "Tell Me 'Bout It" (iTunes) * "Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now" (iTunes) * "Cry Baby Cry" (Santana feat. Sean Paul and Joss Stone) (iTunes) * "The Best Thing About Me Is You" (Ricky Martin feat. Joss Stone) (iTunes) * "Gimme Shelter" (Angélique Kidjo feat. Joss Stone) (iTunes)
Solo Releases: LP1 (2011) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Back in Style" (Amazon | iTunes) * "I'll Take It All" (from James Bond 007: Blood Stone, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Every Time I Turn Around" (NCIS soundtrack vol. 2, 2009) (Amazon | iTunes) * Colour Me Free! (2009) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Love Has Made You Beautiful" (Serve3: Artists Against Hunger & Poverty, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * "All I Want for Christmas" (Amazon | iTunes) * Live at Austin City Limits Musical Festival 2007: Joss Stone (Amazon | iTunes) * Introducing Joss Stone (2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * "What Ever Happened to the Heroes" (Fantastic Four soundtrack, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Treat Me Right (I'm Yours for Life)" (Desperate Housewives soundtrack, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Under Pressure" (Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * Mind Body & Soul (2004) (Amazon | iTunes) * Sessions@AOL (2004) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Soul Sessions (2003) (Amazon | iTunes)
This profile was brought to you by the adjective "leggy"
and the sound effect "va-va-voom."

Collaborations: Superheavy (2011) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Gypsy Girl and Me" (Dave Stewart's The Blackbird Diaries, 2011) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Other Half of Me" (The E Family's Now & Forever, 2011) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Anniversary" (Chris Heine's Truth About Love Someone Should Tell You, 2011) (Amazon | iTunes) * "The Best Thing About Me Is You" (Ricky Martin's Música + Alma + Sexo, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * "My Generation" (Nas and Damien Marley's Distant Relatives, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Let the Good Times Roll" (David Sanborn's Only Everything, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Stand Up to Cancer" (with Dave Stewart, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * Emotion & Commotion (Jeff Beck, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * "We Are the Ones" (Melissa Etheridge's Fearless Love, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Who's Your Daddy" (Ringo Starr's Y Not, 2010) (Amazon | iTunes)

(Insert caveat about the inherent creepiness of the "who's your daddy" idea with the possible exception of paternity questions.)

Collaborations, Cont.: "You're the One for Me" (Smokey Robinson's Time Flies When You're Having Fun, 2009) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Stalemate" (Ben's Brother, Battling Giants, 2009) (Amazon | iTunes) * "This Little Light of Mine" (Buick Audra and Joss Stone, Oh Happy Day: An All-Star Music Celebration, 2009) (Amazon | iTunes) * "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" (with Al Green, Sex and the City soundtrack, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Tip of My Tongue" (Something Sally's Familiar Strangers, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * Great American Soulbook (Tower of Power, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Unchained Melody" (Johnny Hollyday's Ça ne Finira Jamais, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Just One Kiss" (Raphael Saadiq's The Way I See It, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * Performing Live This Week at Ronnie Scott's (Jeff Beck, 2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Sing" (Annie Lennox's Songs of Mass Destruction, 2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Gimme Shelter" (Angélique Kidjo's Djin Djin, 2007) (Amazon | iTunes)

 (Shameless plug: That Rolling Stones cover duet with Angélique Kidjo appeared in Mental Nomad Podcast 62.)

From Angélique Kidjo's video for "Gimme Shelter."
Collaborations Cont., Redux: "Every Night About This Time" (Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino, 2007)  (Amazon | iTunes) * "Just Walk On By" (Randy Jackson's Music Club, Vol. 1, 2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * "I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me" (Dean Martin, Forever Cool, 2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Anniversary" (Lemar's The Truth About Love, 2006) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Erica" (Dead Celebrity Status' Blood Music, 2006) (Amazon | iTunes)

(Witty aside made solely to provide an aesthetically pleasing line break and squeeze in one more picture of the lovely lady: "Dead Celebrity Status" may be the best rock band name ever.)

Return of the Collaborations, Cont., Redux Again One More Time with a Fresh Lemon Scent: "Stir It Up" (with Patti Labelle, Chicken Little soundtrack, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Cry Baby/Piece of My Heart" (non-album single with Melissa Etheridge, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Cry Baby Cry" (Santana's All That I Am, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Love Sneakin' Up on You" (Les Paul's American Made World Played, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "When Love Comes to Town" (Herbie Hancock's Possibilities, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Family Affair" (with John Legend and Van Hunt, Different Strokes by Different Folks, 2005) (Amazon | iTunes) * "Issues" (with Mr. G and Christy Beu, Unity: The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Album) (Amazon | iTunes) * Alfie soundtrack (2004) (Amazon | iTunes)

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Celebrity crush: Teresa Palmer

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Here are the first of three celebrity crush entries from the British Commonwealth in honor of Boxing Day.

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Name: Teresa Palmer (images | Web site | Twitter)
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia, according to her Wikipedia profile.
Best Known For: Teresa is a film actress exclusively, thus far. She's done a mixture of comedy and action roles: Take Me Home Tonight and Bedtime Stories in the former category, The Sorcerer's Apprentice and I Am Number Four (also featuring fellow celebrity crush Dianna Agron) in the latter. Upcoming is Warm Bodies, which Wikipedia calls a zombie love story.

(Sweet Buddha on a bicycle, will the zombie fad go the hell away already?)

She's also ambitious, working in a production capacity on a documentary about happiness, according to her IMDB profile.
Humble Beginnings: She's still pretty early in her career. Other roles include the horror films The Grudge 2 (with fellow crush Amber Tamblyn), Wolf Creek, and Restraint, plus the indie dramas 2:37 and December Boys (the latter opposite Daniel Radcliffe).
Why Ye Olde Podcaster Likes Her: She performed admirably as a bad-ass alien warrior in I Am Number Four -- including doing some of her own stunts, apparently -- and was winsome as hell in Take Me Home Tonight. The passing resemblance to Anna Kournikova doesn't hurt matters, either.
Production Credits: Untitled documentary on happiness (filming for 2012) (Amazon | iTunes)
Film and TV-movie Credits: Warm Bodies (2012, post-production) (Amazon | iTunes) * AWOL (2012, post-production) (Amazon | iTunes) * Wish You Were Here (2012, completed) (Amazon | iTunes) * Quirky Girl (2011 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * Bear (2011 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * Take Me Home Tonight (Amazon | iTunes) * I Am Number Four (Amazon | iTunes) * The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Amazon | iTunes) * Bedtime Stories (2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * Restraint (2008) (Amazon | iTunes) * December Boys (2007) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Grudge 2 (Amazon | iTunes) * 2:37 (Amazon | iTunes) * Wolf Creek (2005) (Amazon | iTunes)

05 December 2011

Celebrity crush: Cody Horn

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This actress was almost a regular on The Office. Until, ya know, she wasn't.

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Name: Cody Horn (images | Web site | Twitter)
Hometown: Not listed at Wikipedia or IMDB, but given that her father is President and COO of Warner Bros., chances are it was in or around Los Angeles.
Best Known For: Sadly, a role on Rescue Me whose details I don't even feel like typing out; what a waste of a television show's potential that series turned out to be. Cody appeared in a few episodes of The Office in its seventh season but did not return for the eighth season.

On the big screen, she's appeared in the 2010 films Twelve and Flipped. Her on-screen résumé only starts in 2010 at IMDB; though she also has a crew credit (set staff assistant) on a 2005 movie I didn't bother listing below since it was fully a behind-the-scenes, off-camera gig.
Hanging out at a fashion show with fellow crush
Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime's Shameless.
Humble Beginnings: Presumably modeling before she started acting; her IMDB and Wikipedia entries are pretty sparse. She's also guest-starred on White Collar and has roles in two potentially high-profile movies coming next year (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña's cop drama End of Watch and Channing Tatum's male-prostitute comedy Magic Mike). 
Obligatory Edgy Stuff: ... Seriously, was anyone else as disappointed, disgusted, disillusioned by how Rescue Me took a promising premise of showing firefighter life in the wake of 9/11 and turned it into a rehashing of "He-Man Woman-Hater's Club" misogyny, homophobia, racism, and scatology?
Why Ye Olde Podcaster Likes Her: Her short stint on The Office didn't give her a ton to do -- the deleted scenes offered more than what made it to air -- but I was looking forward to seeing how the cubicle dwellers might deal with having a woman so pretty she might as well be a space alien in their midst. (Fellow crushes Jenna Fischer and Ellie Kemper and for that matter Mindy Kaling are all lovely as well, but they're all to varying extents glammed down for the show, as was Amy Adams a bit in her guest turn -- Cody wasn't.)
TV and Web Series Credits: Rescue Me, season 7 (Amazon | iTunes) * White Collar, season 2: "Power Play" (Amazon | iTunes) * The Office, season 7 (Amazon | iTunes) * Rescue Me, season 6 (Amazon | iTunes)
Film and TV-movie Credits: Magic Mike (in development) (Amazon | iTunes) * End of Watch (filming) (Amazon | iTunes) * Worst Friends (post-production) (Amazon | iTunes) * Violet & Daisy (Amazon | iTunes) * Hollywood Takes a Stand Against Planking (Funny or Die) * Flipped (2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * Twelve (2010) (Amazon | iTunes) * Occupant (Amazon | iTunes) * Dead Hands (2010 short) (Amazon | iTunes)

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28 November 2011

Celebrity crush: Pauley Perrette

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This one's sort of a request; I'm not a regular NCIS viewer, but I've always enjoyed this actress' comedic skills there as a quirky Goth, and of course there's the whole Cote de Pablo thing.

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Name: Pauley Perrette (images | YouTube channel | Twitter)
Hometown: New Orleans, La., according to her Wikipedia profile.
Best Known For: Pauley is best known for her work on shows whose titles are acronyms: She's been with NCIS since the beginning, indeed even earlier than that, appearing in the JAG episodes that served as a backdoor pilot for the series. She's guest-starred on NCIS: Los Angeles as well, playing the same character. And before that, she appeared on an episode of CSI (but not as the same character).

That's kept her busy for the last almost 10 years, though her résumé extends back to an ABC Afternoon Special in 1994 and includes a number of indie films (including Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous and My First Mister with Leelee Sobieski and Albert Brooks), the big-studio horror film The Ring, and an appearance in a Metallica video.

Beyond that, she's a published writer, though her Wikipedia entry is sparse on details, and has served in a variety of behind-the-scenes roles (directing, production, voice work) as well.
Humble Beginnings: As I said: An ABC Afternoon Special starts her list of screen credits. She's appeared on Dawson's Creek and 24, Tea Leoni's sitcom The Naked Truth and Kim Delaney's legal drama Philly, Stephen Bochco's legal drama Murder One and The Drew Carey Show, and even the Jennifer Love Hewitt-fronted Party of Five spinoff The Time of Your Life.
Not the Courteney Cox Factor: Pauley's a singer as well as an actress, though her work so far has turned up on TV (NCIS) or film (Legally Blonde) soundtracks.
... Breathe. Breathe, dammit.  (Talking
to myself here.) At right is Cote de Pablo,
her NCIS co-star, of course.
Why Ye Olde Podcaster Likes Her: She brings the funny on a consistent basis on NCIS but is also -- from what I've seen -- the heart and soul of the investigation team in many ways. And she's able to pull off the Goth look as an adult woman -- one past her 20s -- without looking utterly ridiculous.
Film and TV-movie credits: The Girl from Mars (post-production) (Amazon | iTunes) * Satan Hates You (Amazon | iTunes) * The Singularity Is Near (2010 documentary) (Amazon | iTunes) * To Comfort You (2009 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * Potheads: The Movie (Amazon | iTunes) * A Moment of Grace (2004 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * Cut and Run (2004 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * Ash Tuesday (Amazon | iTunes) * Hungry Hearts (2002) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Ring (Amazon | iTunes) * Red Skies (2002 TV-movie) (Amazon | iTunes) * My First Mister (Amazon | iTunes) * Almost Famous (Amazon | iTunes) * Malicious Intent (Amazon | iTunes) * Hoofboy (1998 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * Hand on the Pump (1998 short) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Price of Kissing (Amazon | iTunes)
Photo by Adam Bouska for the NOH8 campaign,
which works for LGBT equality. Prints of her three shots
for sale at the link above, profits to the cause.
TV and Web Series Credits: NCIS, season 9 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 8 (Amazon | iTunes) * FCU: Fact Checkers Unit (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 7 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS: Los Angeles, season 1 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 6 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 5 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 4 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 3 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 2 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 1 (Amazon | iTunes) * JAG, season 8 (Amazon | iTunes) * CSI, season 3: "Lady Heather's Box" (Amazon | iTunes) * Haunted: "Fidelity" (Amazon | iTunes) * 24, season 1 (Amazon | iTunes) * Special Unit 2, season 2 (Amazon | iTunes) * Dawson's Creek, season 5 (Amazon | iTunes) * Philly: "Light My Fire" (Amazon | iTunes) * Dead Last: "Death Is in the Air" (Amazon | iTunes) * Time of Your Life (Amazon | iTunes) * Veronica's Closet, season 2: "Veronica's Little Ruse" (Amazon | iTunes) * Jesse, season 1 (Amazon | iTunes) * The Drew Carey Show, season 4 (Amazon | iTunes) * The Naked Truth, season 3: "The Seer and the Sucker" (Amazon | iTunes) * That's Life (Amazon | iTunes) * Frasier, season 4 (Amazon | iTunes) * Early Edition, season 1: "Mob Wife" (Amazon | iTunes) * Murder One, season 2 (Amazon | iTunes) * Moloney: Pilot (Amazon | iTunes) * ABC Afternoon Specials, season 23: "Magical Make-Over" (Amazon | iTunes)
As a blonde on Time of Your Life, looking
a bit like fellow crush Brea Grant.
Music Videos: "The Unnamed Feeling" by Metallica (iTunes)
Written Work: Pills, Chills, Thrills and Heartache: Adventures in the First Person (short story "Cheers...") (Amazon)
Voice Work: Brother Bear (Amazon | iTunes) * Batman Beyond, season 1: "Golem" (Amazon | iTunes) * Blade Runner (1997 video game)
Music: "Fear" (with Stop Making Friends), NCIS soundtrack (Amazon | iTunes) * "Can't Get Me Down" (with Lo-Ball), Legally Blonde soundtrack (Amazon | iTunes) * "Fire in Your Eyes" (with B. Taylor) (Amazon | iTunes)
Directing and Production Credits: Citizen Lane (2010 documentary) (director, executive producer, narrator) (Amazon | iTunes) * The American Shame (2001) (associate producer) (Amazon | iTunes)

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21 November 2011

Celebrity crush: Jessica Capshaw

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Today's entry features an actress who might, along with a couple of others already on this list, get me to eventually catch up on Grey's Anatomy yet again after falling behind a couple of seasons once again.

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Name: Jessica Capshaw (images | Web site | Twitter)
Hometown: Columbia, Mo., according to her Wikipedia profile. She is the daughter of actress Kate Capshaw and her ex-husband, Robert Capshaw; her mother was a teacher at the time she was born. After her mother's transition to acting and her second marriage, she became stepdaughter of director and media mogul Steven Spielberg.
Best Known For: Jessica's longest-running acting role has come on Grey's Anatomy as pediatric surgeon Dr. Arizona Robbins, who at the end of last season married orthopedic surgeon Dr. Callie Torres, played by fellow crush Sara Ramirez. Before scrubbing in there, she had a regular role as an attorney on David E. Kelley's The Practice, also on ABC, in its final episodes. In between, she guest-starred in a couple of episodes of Bones on Fox as the ex-girlfriend of David Boreanaz's FBI agent character and the mother of his son.

Film work includes the horror movie Valentine, which co-starred her (at least initial) Grey's co-stars Katherine Heigl and (fellow crush) Chyler Leigh.
Humble Beginnings: After completing an English degree at Brown University, Jessica headed to London to study acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

ER brought her to her first TV appearance in 1999, and she made her film debut in 1997's The Locusts, which starred her mom. There are several TV-movies and unsold pilots on the résumé as well; only things that I'm pretty sure aired or screened at some point, or might in the future, are listed below.
Obligatory Edgy Stuff: Like many other Hollywood folks, Jessica has appeared in the nude in Allure magazine. (And it was, in a word, glorious.)
Why Ye Olde Podcaster Likes Her: Jessica's a beautiful woman with a lot of charm who can also be funny or steel-spined resolute as the script calls for it. There are a lot of reasons to feel guilty about liking Grey's Anatomy -- and I still haven't watched last year's season or this current one -- but Jessica's acting is certainly not one of them. She stands tall (well, she stands 5'5"-ish) alongside Chandra Wilson (well, who stands short -- you get my point) as a great actress who manages to consistently rise above the sometimes dubious material.
TV and Web Series Credits: Grey's Anatomy, season 8 (Amazon | iTunes) * Grey's Anatomy, season 7 (Amazon | iTunes) * Grey's Anatomy, season 6 (Amazon | iTunes) * Grey's Anatomy, season 5 (Amazon | iTunes) * Head Case, season 2: "Tying the... Not" (Amazon | iTunes) * The L Word, season 4 (Amazon | iTunes) * Bones, season 2 (Amazon | iTunes) * Into the West (2005 mini-series) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Practice, season 8 (Amazon | iTunes) * The Practice, season 7 (Amazon | iTunes) * Odd Man Out (1999) (Amazon | iTunes) * ER, season 5: "Rites of Spring" (Amazon | iTunes)
Film and TV-movie Credits: One Angry Juror (2010 TV-movie) (Amazon | iTunes) * Blind Trust (2007 TV-movie) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Groomsmen (Amazon | iTunes) * View from the Top (Amazon | iTunes) * Minority Report (Amazon | iTunes) * The Mesmerist (Amazon | iTunes) * Valentine (2001) (Amazon | iTunes) * Killing Cinderella (Amazon | iTunes) * The Love Letter (1999) (Amazon | iTunes) * Something About Sex (1999) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Locusts (Amazon | iTunes)

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