04 July 2011

Bonus celebrity crush: Coté de Pablo

This actress and singer wasn't born in America, though she was raised here; nor does she play one on TV, but her character hangs out with American military personnel on a weekly basis.

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Name: Coté de Pablo (images -- NSFW due to tacky, and frankly laughably bad, fake nudes | Web site | Twitter)
Hometown: Born in Santiago, Chile, but raised in Miami, Fla., from about age 10 and up, according to her Wikipedia profile. The name "Coté" is a common nickname for her given name, Maria José, and she took it on in fifth grade when others had trouble pronouncing the full name, Wikipedia notes.
Best Known For: Coté has a shorter list of credits than I would have expected, and by far, her most high-profile work is playing Israeli agent Ziva David on the hit TV series NCIS. She joined the cast in its third season, replacing original cast member Sasha Alexander.
Humble Beginnings: After moving to America, Coté developed an interest in musical theater, eventually attending college at Carnegie Mellon University. After moving to New York, she picked up TV commercial work and -- Wikipedia notes, though not also listed at IMDB -- some work with the soap All My Children.

She was involved in a production of The Mambo Kings that was planned for Broadway but ended after a short trial run in California, Wikipedia notes.

Early TV roles include appearances on the short-lived dramas The $treet and The Education of Max Bickford and a full-time role on the short-lived courtroom drama The Jury, from the legendary production team of Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana (Homicide: Life on the Street, Oz). The NCIS gig came along just a year later.
Not the Courteney Cox Factor: She's also beginning to pursue a music career, with her cover of Tom Waits' "Temptation" released on a soundtrack to NCIS. (Ye Olde Podcaster first heard her sing in her role as a court clerk on the short-lived series The Jury, where she sang part of Burt Bacharach's "The Look of Love" a cappella.)
Why Ye Olde Podcaster Likes Her: Not only is she beautiful, not only can she sing, not only can she kick ass and look good doing it, but she also has great comic timing. It's surprising her career hasn't really taken off at full throttle yet.
Film and TV-movie credits: The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (Amazon | iTunes)
Music and voice work: NCIS television soundrack (Amazon | iTunes) * ToCA Race Driver (2002 video game) (Amazon) * Vivo En Vida by Roberto Pitre (Amazon | iTunes)
TV and Web video credits: NCIS, season 9 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 8 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 7 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 6 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 5 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 4 (Amazon | iTunes) * NCIS, season 3 (Amazon | iTunes) * The Jury (2004) (Amazon | iTunes) * The Education of Max Bickford: "Do It Yourself" (Amazon | iTunes) * The $treet: "Hostile Makeover" (Amazon | iTunes)

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