13 October 2010

Mental Nomad Podcast 167: Ariel Support

As the title suggests, all songs in today's episode come from artists represented by the good folks at Ariel Publicity. Today's episode is also the first produced since my move to the Boston area, and my first produced on my new MacBook Pro.

Here's what you'll hear today (right-click to save MP3 file or stream it in a new tab or window):
  1. Richard Kincaid: "Angels" (from the album Return)
  2. Sylvia Bennett: "Smile" (from the album Smile)
  3. Shayfer James: "Life Is Beautiful" (from the album The Owl and the Elephant)
  4. Shayfer James: "Siren Song" (from The Owl and the Elephant)
  5. Davy Mooney: "Maybe Tomorrow" (from the album Ghosts of Music, Past)
  6. Jillian LaDage: "Bonny Was the Lady" (from the album The Ancestry)
  7. Jillian LaDage: "Midsummer's Night" (from The Ancestry)
  8. Sylvia Bennett: "Look of Love" (from Smile)
  9. Richard Kincaid: "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" (from Return)
  10. Sylvia Bennett: "Witchcraft" (from Smile)
  11. Davy Mooney: "The Captain's Daughter" (from Ghosts of Music, Past)
  12. Shayfer James: "When Heaven Closes" (from The Owl and the Elephant)
  13. Richard Kincaid: "Angel (club mix feat. DT)"
(Total play time: 1:01:52)

Only a handful of artists this time, but look for the shows to return to covering a wider array of sounds as I get used to this computer (and, most likely, after I buy a mouse for it -- using the laptop's trackpad makes drag-and-drop operations cumbersome, I find).

Source albums:
Sylvia Bennett: Smile (Amazon | iTunes)
Shayfer James: The Owl and the Elephant (Amazon | iTunes)
Richard Kincaid: Return (Amazon | iTunes)
Jillian LaDage: The Ancestry (Amazon | iTunes)
Davy Mooney: Ghosts of Music, Past (Amazon | iTunes)


Cyber PR said...

Thanks so much for the support :) Always appreciated!

Sylvia Bennett said...

Thank you so much for supporting my music! Lots of Smiles, Sylvia